Each day I am becoming healthier and fitter.

Today, every cell of my body radiates health.

I only eat what my body feels healthy eating.

I am becoming fitter each day.

Every day in every way I am becoming more peaceful.

Today I am whole and complete.

Today I am full of energy.

Every cell in my body vibrates at the frequency of perfect health.

I relax and let my body heal itself


In the infinity of life where I am,
all is perfect whole and complete.
I accept health as a natural state of my being.
I now consciously release any mental patterns within me
that could express as dis-ease in any way.
I love and approve of myself.
I love and approve of my body.
I feed it nourishing foods and beverages,
I exercise it in ways that are fun.
I recognise my body as a wondrous and magnificent machine,
and I feel privileged to live in it.
I have lots of energy.
All is well in my world.